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An enormous customer?!
Snorlax is here!
Pokémon Café Mix’s very first team event will be held

An enormous customer?! Snorlax is here!
The first team event will be held.

Between Thursday, September 24, and Thursday, October 8, the first team event, Hungry Snorlax, will be held in Pokémon Café Mix.

In a team event, you take on an event with other players by forming a team.

Working with other team members, you’ll be serving a special Pokémon that visits the café during the event period.

If you raise the satisfaction level as a team, the visiting Pokémon will join the staff!
You can also receive various rewards.

In this team event, an enormous Snorlax appears in front of the café?!
To satisfy this very hungry Snorlax, form a team and serve many offerings! 

  • Snorlax’s Café Skill can clear Pokémon icons and gimmicks below.
    Combining two Café Skills can clear a very wide range!

What is the team function in Pokémon Café Mix?

As of today, Wednesday, September 23, a new team function has been added.
The team function is different from the friend function in that it lets you create a team of up to 30 people from among Pokémon Café Mix players.

Once you form a team, you’ll be able to participate in the team event scheduled for Thursday, September 24.

Form a team with lots of users and combine efforts to take on the team event!

How do you create your own team?

  • You can create a new team with 300 golden acorns.

    The team captain who created the team can edit information such as
    ・ Team name and team icon
    ・ Making the team public or private
    ・ Setting member requirement

    Of course, forming a team with good friends is fun, but this might also be a good opportunity to become friends with other players. 

How do you join another team?

You can easily join an existing team by selecting one from the team list that displays a random selection of teams available to join, or by searching a team by their team name or team ID. 

Event to celebrate the introduction of the new team function

Offering golden acorns! Team member recruitment event

  • To celebrate the introduction of the new team function, starting today, Wednesday, September 23, we will have a promotional event in which we offer 300 golden acorns (up to 10,000 golden acorns) for every team member you recruit.

    Once you create a team, you can invite other players to your team by sharing your team name or team ID.

    Recruit team members and prepare for the first team event!

  • Your team screen

  • Team search screen of players you want to invite
    Search by team name or team ID!

The Team Order Pack will be available!

Only during the team event period, a special pack available for purchase will appear in the shop.

Snorlax Maniac Pikachu, a Pikachu wearing a special uniform based on Snorlax, will join your staff if you purchase this pack.
On top of that, this pack includes 13,400 golden acorns and five kinds of items (three of each kind) that are useful for completing puzzles.

The Team Order Pack will only be available between Thursday, September 24, and Thursday, October 8, for one week from the first day you log in during the period.